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Open air fires are permitted provided you have a valid permit

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Permits are valid for the calendar year. Only apply once and call the provided number each time you wish to register your burn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can obtain a burn permit?

Only residents living in approved areas. They are conditional and can be revoked at any time. If you are a tenant, you must obtain permission from the property owner.

How can I obtain a burn permit?

You may register online using this website, or you can visit us in person.

What can I burn?

No material other then brush or wood in an open fire is permitted to burn.

Do I need a permit?

If you want to have an open-air fire (bonfire, fire pit etc.) then yes, you need an approved permit. If you are having a barbecue a permit is not required.

Do I need to apply for a burn permit each time I wish to conduct an open-air burn?

No. Permits are valid until the end of the calendar year (December 31). However, as part of the terms and conditions, residents are required to call into our automated phone system every time they wish to burn in order to register their intent to burn.